Week 6 – Internet Resources

Cheri Swalls sort of beat me to the punch with this week’s assignment when she gave you information about Help Read software that is a free text/web reader in her comment on the blog during Week 4. You can find information and a free download of Help Read (at http://www.ldpride.net/helpread.htm). There are other free text reading software programs on the Internet such as ReadPlease (at http://www.readplease.com/) and Natural Reader (at http://www.naturalreaders.com/) which have voices and options that are a bit better than Help Read. Both have a basic free version as well as a very inexpensive better version. Check them out!

Because the Internet is such a wealth of resource information I want all of you to do some exploring. I would like each of you to get on the Internet and search for an interesting web site that deals with some aspect of assistive technology. (Please find one we have not already discussed in conjunction with this course.) It can be a site that deals with AT (assistive technology) in general or be more specific and deal with AT in relation to communication, mobility, hearing, vision, autism, curriculum access or whatever is of interest or value to you and your students. Please post what you find on the blog as a comment and give a couple of sentences telling all of us what we should look for at “your” web site.