Hi Everyone —

I am Tina Jones, and I will be the moderator of the discussion for the online Overview of Assistive Technology course. I have worked as the Southeast PATINS site coordinator for 12 years and every day has been different. There are always new things to learn, new problems to brainstorm for solutions, and new things to do with assistive technology. I am looking forward to hearing about each of you so please leaveย  a comment with a brief introduction of yourself.


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  1. I am Jane Ellen Watkins. I am an itenerate teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing students in Johnson County. I am taking this course as part of the DeafBlind Facilitator Training Program and am looking forward to finding out more about PATINS.

  2. Hello! My name is Debbie English. I worked as a Deaf/Blind facilitator during the last four years, but my student graduated last May. I am currently working one-on-one with a student with spinal bifida. I want to learn more technology to assist students and for my own enrichment.

  3. Hi Tina,

    My name is Suzanne. I have been an SLP for 15 years and have worked for East Allen County Schools for 7 years. I am taking this course to learn more about AAC devices. I know just enough to confuse myself!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. This is Julie Swaney. I work for Seymour Community Schools as a Speech Language Pathologist. I work in an elementary school, the middle school and high school. I am always looking for better and different ways to help the kids I work with communicate using new technology. I look forward to what we will learn from this course.

  5. Good mrrning!
    I hope that I am doing this correctly! My name is Shawn and I have been a Special Education teacher for 18 years. I teach at Doe Creek Middle School in New Palestine and I also reside in the community. I am taking this course in order to learn how to utilize assistive technology in my classroom more productively.

    Shawn ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hello! I’m Betty Willman and work as the assistant director of East Central Indiana Special Services District. I have worked in Special Ed. for 27 years and was excited to see this formal opportunity to learn more about assistive technology.

  7. Hello,

    I am Mata Smith, and I am a special education teacher for Mississinewa School Corporation. I am also the Visually Impaired consultant for the Grant County Coop. I signed up to take this course to help me better understand assistive technology. After signing up for this course I learned that it is the same course I would be taking for my Deafblind Facilitator Training Program with ISU. I am really looking forward to this course.

  8. Hello, I am Sara Hauser. I am the new Assistive Technology Team Coordinator for the Hamilton Boone Madison Special Services Cooperative. Previously I was a resource room teacher and in both jobs I was constantly kept on my toes and learning new things. I am eagar to take this course to learn even more about the area of assistive technology so I can better serve the students in my co-op.

  9. I am Mary Ellen Hilbert. I work for the Greater Clark County School system in Jeffersonville. I am a SLP and a special education teacher. I do speech/language and academic testing of preschoolers aged 3-5 primarily but also autism evals for all ages. I am interestedin knowing more about assistive technology so that I can make appropriate recommendations for students that I place in preschool.

  10. I am Lynne Fleming. I know that’s a surprise since my user name is so different!

    I am an Itinerant Teacher for Visually Impaired Students (TVI). I have a desk in a building in Columbus, IN. I travel throughout Bartholomew, Brown, Decatur, and parts of Jackson county. I drive somewhere between 150 and 200 miles a week.

    I have been a TVI for 14 years. This is my 30th year teaching. Before my stint as a TVI I was a K-8 Title 1 Reading Teacher, a special ed resource teacher in high school, 7-9 junior high, and elementary. I have enjoyed moving around.

    I love technology so assistive technology is very intersting to me. It is a GREAT help to my students. I look forward to meeting all of you.


  11. Hello,
    I am Erika Anderson, a Speech-language Pathologist on the East side of Indy. I work at the Warren Early Childhood Center and I am interested in taking this course to see how I can enhance the assistive technology used with the preschoolers here. I would love to maximize their communication potential during this critical time of learning.

  12. Welcome to the AT Overview Course. I am Jim Lambert and am the Site Coordinator for the NW Region. I have been involved with the PATINS Project since the Fall of 1999.If I can be of any asistance to any of you as you take this online course, feel free to contact me via this blog or my email jjl@netnitco.net This course will give you a great overview of assistive technology. Enjoy the course!

  13. Hi,
    My name is Janet Shelley and I work at Mississinewa School system at Northview Elementary School. I have a life skills class. I am interested in this class to learn to incorporate new things and see what others are doing.

  14. Hello Everyone —

    I am so impressed that so many of you have responded already! There are 52 participants in this course and about a fourth have introduced themselves already. Materials are being sent out today or tomorrow, so each of you should receive a bundle by the end of the week.

  15. My name is Dwight Rodgers and I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist working for the Elkhart Community Schools in an elementary and high school. I’ve been an SLP for 27 years and have always found AAC to be a moving target that’s hard to keep up with when you don’t work with all of it all the time. So I’m hoping this class will update me about what’s currently available and how to use it to better serve my students.

  16. Welcome to the AT Overview Course. I am Sandy Stabenfeldt, Site Coordinator for the SW Region. I am also the webmaster of the PATINS website, http://www.patinsproject.com. When you get a chance, please take a look at our website and familiarize yourself with it. I am always looking for new ideas or comments, so please email me with any comments or suggestions. My email address is swpatins@evsc.k12.in.us. Welcome to a great course!

  17. Hi,
    My name is Ryan Cassidy and I am currently in my second year of teaching at Crestview Elementary in MSD Lawrence Township on the northeast side of Indianapolis. I am a 1st-5th grade Resource Teacher. I have a few kiddos who would greatly benefit from using assistive technology and I am looking to find out more about it so I can beeter serve my students. I look forward to participating in this group and talking with you about your background and how you use technology with your kids.

  18. Hi. I’m Carla. I teach Mod/Severe students at Wawasee Middle School. I am interested in learning new ways that I can help my students.

  19. My name is Brooke Lemmon, and I am a first year teacher working part time in an elementary resource room, and part time as the Assistive Technology Consultant for Elkhart County Special Education Cooperative. I have a lot to learn and am looking forward to participating in this course.

  20. My name is Tracy Spencer. I am a speech/language pathologist at Mississinewa Community Schools. I am taking this course to learn how more of my students could benefit from assistive technology. This is my first on-line type of course:)

  21. Hello!
    My name is Paula Chandler and I am an itinerant teacher for the visually impaired in Randolph County and Selma in Delaware County. There is a big range of multiple impairments with my students so I am very interested in learning more about what Patins can provide for them.

  22. Hi. My name is Raegene Heath. I have been an occupational therapist for 8 years. I have worked in the schools for 3. I work at Danville Community School Corporation, P-KDG, life skills, and general education K-12. I’m excited to learn more about the AT out there and how I can incorporate AT into the classroom more effectively.

  23. Hello, my name is Jeff Bond and I am the PATINS Central Site Coordinator. Welcome to all of you soon-to-be Assistive Technology Techies. I am hopeful you will find this online course to be very beneficial to you. With many years of expertise at your fingertips, do not hesitate to ask questions or share your experiences that we all can benefit from. I will be following the blog and interject when appropriate or you can directly email me at jeff.bond@wayne.k12.in.us. Happy blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Currently I am working as a VI in for the Harrison County Exceptional Learners Cooperative. I am participating in the Blumberg projects for deafblind facilitator and the VIISA project. I strongly support the work of the projects at the Blumberg Center and consider them very important in the outreach to families and teachers. Participation in this module is required as part of the Blumberg training project in which I am involved.

  25. Hi, I’m Janet Hochstetler. I am the Teacher of the Hearing Impaired/Consultant for OLJMG Joint Services in Bedford, IN. This is my 20th year of teaching. I have a wide range of students in both ages and ability levels. I hope this class will give me some new information on ways to use AT to benefit my students.

  26. Hi, my name is Denise Thompson, I am an itinerate teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Dubois and Spencer Counties. I am part of the Deaf/Blind Facilitator Training Program. I am looking forward to participating in this program – I have very limited knowledge when it comes to technology and what is available for the students.

  27. Hi! I am a resource teacher at Shawswick Middle School in Bedford in the mornings, a teacher of the visually impaired in the afternoons, and also supposed to “do” assistive technology. Whew! I’m taking a class for my limited license in VI, a class called VIISA, and now this. Please be easy on me!! I know very little about AT and am not much help when it comes to talking about who needs what or what is available. That’s what I hope to learn.

  28. Hi, I am Dana Gunter (Mr. so there is no confusion)and I received my teaching degree rather late in life (48). I have had quite a journey getting here because I am a little technically challenged. That is one of the reasons I am interested in this, also I would like to learn what kind of assistive technology could be used for English language learners. I teach ENL at a high school level and I am also the coordinator for the school corporation. I look forward to this learning experience and hope I can keep up.

  29. Hi everyone! I am Teresa McKenzie. Currently, I am the Case Conference Coordinator for Mississinewa Community Schools. I have been a special education teacher for the last 16 years. I am excited to learn more about Assistive Technology and how it can help our students.

  30. Hello everyone, my name is Cheri Swalls and I am the Foundations teacher/Computer Skills instructor at Bedford Middle School. I love technology and learning new ways to correlate it with regular classroom activity. I work with 6th, 7th and 8th grade students so I face many different technology challenges daily. I’m hoping this class will help me to learn new ways to innovate and assist kids with computers. I’m looking forward to the class and getting to know all of you. Have a Happy Day!

  31. Hi everyone. I am Elizabeth May. I am a first year teacher. I teach at Liberty Elementary as the MIMO Teacher. i have 8 students on my case load who are all at very different levels. I have learned a great deal about all of the students. I am looking forward to learning multiple assistive technologies for all levels of learners so that I may be able to apply them to my student’s education process.

  32. Hi, my name is Lucia Thomas and I am an occupational therapist trying to keep up to date with all the technology available in order to benefit my wonderful students.

  33. Hi everyone. I am Patty Robb, and I am an occupational therapist for Old National Trail Special Services. Technology, in general, is not one of my strong points, but AT has become a new assignment of mine this year, and I am gonna need some serious help. I am looking forward to learning with and from you.

  34. I have three boys, and two of them are autistic. This is again a new opportunity for my to learn more about all the supports that are available for children with learning disabilities.

  35. Hello,
    I am an occupational therapist with Lawrence Township Schools. I work in two different elementary schools with a variety of students and needs. I have been an OT for approximately 14 years. I have worked in the schools for 10 years. I enjoy finding new software and different uses for current software to bring out the best in the students.

  36. Hi everyone. I’m Eileen Humphrey and I’m a school psychologist working as a special education supervisor for the Clark County Special Education Coop. Several of the teachers I work with have students who could greatly benefit from assistive technology. I’d like to learn more to become a better resource for them.

  37. Hi Everyone,
    I am also an occupational therapist who has been working Columbus School District for the last 3 years. I have been a therapist for 25 years, and find that there is new technology developed all the time. I was hoping this course would help me keep up to date, and decrease the learning curve by providing tips from those who use it more frequently.

  38. Hello,
    I am Mary Watson. I’m an SLP for West Clark at Henryville Elementary and Jr/Sr High Schools. I have students that I believe may benefit from AT, but I have no knowledge and/or criteria to make that determination. I hope this course will guide me in the appropriate directions.

  39. HI! My name is Staci Williams and I am an SLP for Northwest Allen County Schools. I am taking this course to learn more about AAC devices to help the students I work with.

  40. Welcome Bloggers! I’m Daniel McNulty, the NE PATINS Site Coordinator. This is only my 2nd year with the PATINS-Project. I’ve spent the 4 previous years teaching special education and leading the Universal Design for Learning Pilot project at Frontier Elementary School. I’m a big proponent of blogging both as a classroom instructional tool and as a means of professional development and I’ll be very interested in the benefits of this blog. I’m confident you’ll find this course and Tina’s leadership quite valuable! I’ll post now and then, but feel free to contact me directly as well: dmcnulty@r8esc.k12.in.us

  41. I am the child services coordinator for Grant Couty Special Education Cooperative.
    What a wonderful opportunity for all of us to network and brainstorm ideas for our students. I look forward to our conversations.

  42. My name is Mike DeWine. My training is as an instructional specialist, but I’m a retired medical educator. My interests are in volunteering on Hanover college campus with students who have learning disabilities.

  43. Hi everyone,
    I am Michele Heck and am one of 2 Occupational therapists for Greater Randolph Interlocal cooperative. Sorry my comments are a little late. I am looking forward to this course as a way of updating my information on AT and networking with others who are interested in this also.

  44. Hello everyone. I am Zsuzsi Costanzo and I am a school psychology intern for Southwestern Jefferson County Schools. I am not very familiar with AT but am looking forward to learning more to make better recommendations for students. Also looking forward to reading everyone’s opinions.

  45. Hi Everyone,
    I am Becky Pear. I’m a supervisor of special education teachers for LAJSSC. I am also a member of our Assistive Technology Team. I taught special education for 24 years before becoming a supervisor. I enjoy helping teachers brainstorm ideas of how they can best meet their students needs whether its teaching strategies or finding assistive technology.

  46. Hello my name is Audra DeMarcus and I am a teacher in the Mississinewa Community School. I teach a Special Needs Pre-School class at Mississinewa. I am a mother of 5 children and I have 14 grand-children, and 9 great Grand-children.

  47. Hi. My name is Jill Foley. I am just now figuring out how to put my info on this blog discussion as well as finding the time w/o interruption from my own children. I am an Occupational Therapist in Martinsville Schools. I work 1 day at 3 elementarys and 1 middle school. I am so interested in AT, but have little knowledge. can’t wait to learn more and pass it on to help my students!

  48. Hello. My name is Will Snider, and I am a Life Skills teacher in Warrick County. I am interested in AT, but as a new teacher I do not have alot of knowledge regarding this subject.

  49. Hi,

    I’m the director of the Indiana Deafblind Services Project. We’re located in the Blumberg Center at Indiana State University. I also work with two other projects located at the Center: Project Vision and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Project. I’m happy to be part of the course and have been following the blog – just haven’t posted anything.

  50. Hi everyone,
    I am Karen Wilcox and I am a teacher at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. I teach Orientation & Mobility and have worked with several dual sensory impaired students along with students with many other impairments.

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